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One of the events organized within the context of the 100th Anniversary of Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilizations opened in 1921, the “Traces of Anatolian Civilizations Exhibition” has met with the audience in April. Works of many ceramics artists have taken place in the exhibition.


For a century has passed since two Ottoman Era structures, Mahmut Pasa Bedesten and Kursunlu Han were united and put into service as the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations by the order of Ataturk in 1921, T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism is organizing some cultural events. One of these events the “Traces of Anatolian Civilizations Exhibition” has met with the audience between 06- 20 April 2021 in Stone Works Hall of the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

While Siret Uyanik served as the Exhibition Curator and the GaleriM Art Gallery director Meral Ozturk as the Project Coordinator, the works of invited 56 artists were exhibited in the Traces of Anatolian Civilizations Exhibition in paint, ceramics and sculpture which were produced with the inspiration they took from Anatolian sources. Ceramics artists who were invited to this meaningful exhibition Atilla Cengiz Kılıc, Aysegul Turedi Ozen, Beril Anilanmert, Bingul Basarır, Bilgehan Uzuner, Burcu Ozturk Karabey, Candan Dizdar Terwiel, Elif Aydogdu Agatekin, T. Emre Feyzoglu, Enver Guner, Hasan Sahbaz, Hikmet Serdar Mutlu, İlhan Marasali, Kemal Uludag, Mehmet Tuzum Kizilcan, Meral Ozturk, Mustafa Tuncalp, Mutlu Baskaya, Odul Isitman, Omur Bakirer, Serap Unal, Sevim Cizer, Vedat Kacar and Zehra Cobanli.

The exhibition was opened by T.R. Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ozgul Ozkan Yavuz and there was also a panel held with the subject “Art and Aesthetics Traces in Anatolian Civilizations”. But unfortunately, the closing programme made in 20th April was held close to the audience because of the case increase in the pandemic. In the closing programme which will be streamed digitally later, Prof. Sevim Cizer and Prof. Dr. Candan Dizdar Terwiel have given conferences titled “ The Relation of Ceramics, Art and Archeology” and “An Essential Source in Art Education; the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations” respectively. Heard in the press and television channels, the exhibition Curator Siret Uyanik, in the opening ceremony of T.R. Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ozgul Ozkan Yavuz, has expressed that she’s inviting this project to Istanbul and works on that are started


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