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Iznik Tile and Ceramic Symposium

Symposium in Iznik, a candidate for world heritage Iznik Tile and Ceramics Symposium, organized within the scope of the UNESCO World Heritage Candidate Preparation Studies, will be held on 9-11 April.

Iznik Tile and Ceramic Symposium
Iznik Tile and Ceramic Symposium

Saat ve Yer

09 Nis 2020 10:00

İznik, İznik, Bursa, Türkiye

Etkinlik Hakkında

Ceramic and tile have an important place in Iznik, which carries the traces of many cultures from Rome to the Ottoman Empire and is included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. In this symposium; Tile in Iznik and The quests of traditional and local values in ceramic art to respond to modern and universal expectations will be discussed. The form, motif, seen in traditional Iznik tiles and ceramics, was presented to the jury exhibition "Iznik Tiles and Ceramics from Tradition to the Future" organized in this context.

Original designs and applications using techniques and styles will be accepted.

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