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The founder and Chairman of the Board of Yurtbay Group of Companies, Zeki Yurtbay passed away. But the values ​​entrusted by this visionary business person will be kept alive in the group that he founded.

Zeki Yurtbay, one of the important business people of Turkey has lost its 83-year life. His body was buried in his hometown of Zonguldak, Çaycuma. In the statement made by the Yurtbay Group of Companies, it was stated that "Zeki Yurtbay will always base his pioneering and visionary personality by adhering to the values ​​and culture he entrusted to us and we will never forget him.”

In our interview with Yurtbay Seramik Chief Executive Officer Ilter Yurtbay said that:“The corporate culture in family companies is often determined by company founders’ way of doing business at that time and their value systems on business ethics and this lights the way for the future generations of the corporate. No doubt we have learned a lot from our founder Zeki Yurtbay and we keep on learning more and more. We’re indoctrinated that we must be the best in what we do and that what really matters is not greatness but reputation. And the way to being reputable goes through being a business person who’s reliable on words, a good debtor and having modesty in the society. So, we act with this in mind.”

The founder of Yurtbay Group of Companies, Zeki Yurtbay, acquired his first experiences in trading at the dry goods shop owned by his father. As the first steps in his long-term experience in brick production started, he took over the brick production initiative merely at the age of 14 and successfully continued to manage the task he inherited in 1951 from his father. Although he lost the brick factory several times which was founded in 1955 and in Zonguldak, he did not give up.

In 1970, he set up new and modern facilities. The investments by Mr. Zeki Yurtbay were not limited to Çaycuma, and he first became the partner and then the owner of Delta Brick Factory. The following process started with the recognition of Yurtbay Family in the global economy with its well-established industrial history, and its initial step into the ceramics industry. In 1995, Yurtbay Seramik Eskişehir Plant was established with 700 thousand square meters outdoors and 100 thousand square meters indoors production capacity.

With the “Quality First” strategy and understanding, the production increased at a steady pace over the years has reached 25 million square meters production/year. As a result, export operations to 56 countries are ongoing. Yurtbay has started to work with the biggest global and foreign sales chains and have reached higher growth rates across the sector. The key to this international success has been “No compromise on quality, the right product and production at global standards”. With its reliability, Yurtbay Seramik is the pioneer and founder of many years of cooperation at home.

Reflecting its dynamic structure through its projects, Yurtbay Seramik continues to bring added value to the industry and carry its brand image one step further by coming up with aesthetic and eco-friendly solutions since the day it was born with the vision of Zeki Yurtbay.

The Design Awards, which are among the social responsibility projects of the company, are also called Zeki Yurtbay. The design of the winner of the competition, which is organized to encourage young designers, is produced and exhibited at the Yurtbay Seramik stand at the UNICERA Ceramic Bathroom Kitchen Fair.


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