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The works of 8 ceramic artists, who came together on the occasion of March 8, International Laborer Women's Day, came together in the exhibition titled “Women's Power”. While producing their works, the artists focused on the power of women who have the power to change both their own identity and the world.


The “Woman's Power” Exhibition was opened at Eskisehir Atilla Ozer Cartoon House on 7 March with the participation of 8 artists who came together for the 8 March International Laborer Women's Day. The opening took place with the intense participation of Tepebasi Mayor Ahmet Atac, artists, students and art lovers.

Among the finds unearthed in archaeological excavations in Anatolia's thousands of years of history, there were mother goddess figures and idols representing abundance, plenty and fertility. The statues, unearthed in the following periods, mythological characters, Wise Women and Hanım Aga descriptions in Anatolia determined the place, value and importance of women in society. The woman who was sometimes sanctified and sometimes feared was the one who produced, developed and sustained. The woman whose role has changed in the process is the one who continues to change and transform both her own identity and the world today.

From this point of view, 8 female artists produced works based on their own thoughts, perspectives and true stories from their lives. Each of the works had a different story, and each work was resolved by utilizing the rich technical possibilities of ceramics and strengthened the narrative.

Aysun Colbayir Diniz, Deniz Onur Erman, Ece Kaniskan, Mutlu Baskaya, M. Candan Gungor, Oya Uzuner, Ozgur Kaptan and Sebnem Toker Bahar attended the exhibition.


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