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The "Red Globe" at the heart of Ataturk Cultural Center, one of Turkey's symbolic structures, has come to life in Workshop Kale that's established by Kaleseramik to support woman employment. 15 thousand ceramic tiles that are produced one by one with hand work, are glazed with the special formula of the Italian ceramic artist Alexandra Khuen-Belasi.

One of the most important structures of Turkey's culture and art life, Ataturk Cultural Center (AKM) has opened its' doors with a magnificent ceremony in 29th of October. Re-designed again by Tabanlioglu Architecture sticking to the building's historical characteristics, there lies the Red Globe at the heart of AKM, with the ceramic tiles produced by Kaleseramik, the leading company of Turkey's ceramic industry. With the opera hall for 2 thousand 38 people in it, all the tiles of the Red Globe, the new symbol of AKM, are produced in the Workshop Kale which's established by Kaleseramik in the Can district of Canakkale for the purpose of supporting the woman employment.

15 thousand pieces of tiles produced one by one with hand work

The final product was selected after hundreds of tryings made by the project and design team on different colors and models. Used in making of the Red Globe and designed as three different models, every one of the 15 thousand special ceramic pieces are produced one by one with hand work. In the works that took nearly 3,5 months nonstop, a team of specially organized 18 people, has worked day and night for modelling, molding, glazing, firing, packing and quality control processes.

Treated by long and precise processes in the production phase, every three dimensional ceramic tile has gone through surface checks and cleaned with a fine sanding process. The striking color of the globe was given by the Italian ceramic artist Alexandra Khuen-Belasi who's also the founder of the Alexandra Khuen-Belasi Studio bearing his name. The glaze was developed by Khuen-Belasi and produced with a special formula and has been applied one by one on all of the tiles to make them get the red color. The glazed ceramic tiles were then fired at more than 1.000 °C temperature in 4 shuttle kilns that are 2 metersqaure in size for each kiln. The ceramics getting their ravishing color, has gone through quality controls and packed by special teams that served throughout the whole process from the first phase to the last. Drawing attention with their design and elegance, the tiles were finally joined together at the heart of AKM and turned into the magnificent Red Globe.

“Both by color and design, breathed a special soul into AKM”

‘Emphasizing that the Red Globe is an indicator of Kaleseramik's innovational vision and that it breathed a special soul into AKM both by color and design, Kaleseramik general Manager Altug Akbas spoke as, “As Kaleseramik, since the day we were founded, we're trying to contribute to the development of our country and our people in all areas. We invest on impact-oriented circular projects for a sustainable future and by saying #TakeCareOfYourWorld we want to leave a more habitable world to the future generations. And today, we're very proud and glad to have a part with such a unique work at the heart of AKM which we believe to have great contributions to the rising of big artists of the future and the development of our country's culture and art life. Being the most striking examples of ceramic becoming and art, every tile of this globe is produced one by one with hand work in the Workshop Kale which we have established for the purpose of supporting the woman employment. I thank all my friends who put their efforts in creating this splendid work of art."

Kaleseramik shared the unknowns about the Red Globe and the special products arising from the collaborations they did with woman entrepreneurs, also in the UNICERA Fair.


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