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Dear Readers,

Our world has passed behind various hard times for centuries. Unfortunately, this coronavirus pandemic quickly taking the world captive so to say, will be one of these unforgettable hard times. We have full faith to overcome this troubling period of time in guide of science. Covid 19 Pandemic has unfortunately caused big changes in how we do business in our industry both in our country and all over the world. Through believing that every difficulty has its’ own opportunities in it, by means of being an important and strong part of the re-shaping supply chain of the world with its’ production structure, geographical advantage and human resource, I think our industry is managing these times exceptionally well together with our industry associations and federations, despite all the risks imposed.

Hoping this period of time will come to an end despite all the difficulties we’ve come across, once again this year, we aim to hold the UNICERA Istanbul International Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair which we have been holding every year. Held in 2020 March when the pandemic was beginning to spread in other countries and just started to be seen in our country, the UNICERA 2020 Fair has attracted great attention. Incorporating the ceramics industry under one roof with more than 1200 brands introducing their innovative products, our fair was visited by 62 thousand local and foreign attendants despite the negative times being gone through. It becomes a great source of motivation to be glad to see important business relations established for the growth of our industry, targeted attendance achieved, procurement committees established and our visitors leaving our organization satisfied.

According to the Domestic Added Value Report in Exportation which we issue regularly, the 2020 exportation has increased 7,7 percent despite the pandemic and exceeded 3,9 billion dollars and the domestic added value has increased by 2,5 billion dollars in one year and 21 billion dollars for the last decade. In an industry with great contributions to our added value regardless of the negativities of a global pandemic, this is because of aiming to work with the best performance. In these days where our strategies and business plans are re-shaping, we have proven the world that we are a quality, competitive and reputable producer and witnessed that our country has turned into an uprising center of CERAMICS supply in 2020. Our industry has caught an important opportunity towards being a more strategical, stronger actor globally. While we continue our competition with prominent countries both in our geography and in world exportation market, we believe that we can turn the tables in our favor in these hard times.

Hope to see our stakeholders and contribute the growth of our industry in the future where we can meet face to face


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