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Color2.0 Tile Collection, prepared by VitrA to redefine living spaces, was introduced at an event held for architects at Istanbul Modern. Inspired by contemporary trends, the collection brings patterns brought to life by striking colors to surfaces.

VitrA’s newest collection, Color2.0 was introduced at an event held in Istanbul Modern. The event, to which leading architects and designers were invited, was hosted by VitrA Karo CMO Isil Nergiz, VitrA Design Director Erdem Akan and Eczacıbasi Yapi Gerecleri Architect Relations Team.

Color2.0 makes it possible to design living spaces in an original way, with its inspiring colors, modular structure that frees creativity and size diversity. Tile collection focusing on the latest trends; it offers unlimited combination possibilities with its wide range of 21 colors in dark, vibrant and pastel tones. Color2.0, which allows creating unique touches in spaces with 6 different size options and the international RAL color standard, brings new perspectives to architectural styles.

Paving the way for innovative designs, Color2.0 creates a unique atmosphere on all matte or glossy surfaces by combining imagination with striking colors. While light and pastel tones add a simple and elegant atmosphere to the space, accent and dark tones add harmony and dynamism to the space. The new tile collection, which revitalizes surfaces with transitions between tones, creates interesting environments with the combination of strong and contrasting colors. Color2.0's tiles in sizes 5x5, 10x10, 15x15, 20x20, 5x20, 10x30 cm allow for modular use and support architects to push the boundaries of creativity in space design with their mix-and-match feature.


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