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VitrA's built-in reservoirs can be mounted much easier and faster thanks to the new improvements, it offers mounting-friendly solutions in any construction area with its' adjustable parts.

VitrA's renewed built-in reservoirs offers healthy and safe solutions for all bathrooms with their installation options suitable for any plumbing. Having solutions for all kinds of wall type and toilet model including drywall, the built-in reservoirs allows for an easy, fast and faultless mounting possibility with its' products of different thickness and height. Embodying VitrA's good engineering practices consonant with high technology standards, the built-in reservoirs defy time with 10 years of products and 30 years of spare part supply warranty.

Developed with the needs of the future in mind, the built-in reservoir solutions are suitable to be used together with smart toilets and panels so they open the way to transfer to electric-operated smart products whenever desired easily without need for wrecking. Designed in fit for all command panels whether they are smart, touchless, mechanical and pneumatic, the built-in reservoirs are being produced conforming to TSE and European standards. Working silently, the products also support the protection of resources with its' adjustable water consumption volume.


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