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Distinguished Readers, March is one of the most important periods for Turkish ceramic sector. The world ceramic industry is following the UNICERA Istanbul International Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair which will be held between 10-14 March. More than 1,200 international brands and over 100 thousand visitors from 130 countries participate in UNICERA, which will be realized in cooperation with our Federation and TIMDER (Trade Association for Sanitary and Building Supplies). It is not a coincidence that it is also the biggest specialized fair in our country. Because ceramics is one of the sectors which contributes most to Turkish economy. The value added is over 80 percent. We are the third largest producer of tile in Europe and the first producer of ceramic sanitary ware. Our place in the world ceramic market, which has reached a size of 60 billion dollars, is indisputable.

China produces 30 percent of the total world ceramic production. As you all know it has faced an unfortunate situation like the coronavirus epidemic. The outbreak that led to the death of thousands of people also affected production in a negative way. Therefore, we observe that ceramic demands have started to shift to Turkey. We will see the case in UNICERA more clearly. I would like to mention that I feel very sorry for the situation in China while expressing the opportunity. China is our competitor in trade but it is also friendly nation. Being happy because of the others’ sorrow does not conform to neither our belief nor Turkish culture. On the other hand, we have the capacity to meet the demand which will shift to Turkey. Turkish ceramics industry is on the same track as European manufacturers in design and production quality.

The positive outlook, the stability of exchange rates, and low interest rates which started at the end of last year, show that 2020 will be a better year. The country which produces, meet the demand of its own and have the factories operating in full capacity is a happy country. And the ceramic industry is the pride of this country.

As we will see at our UNICERA fair, our manufacturer companies feature innovative, original design and high technology products. Now sustainability, respect for the environment and nature are crucial aspects as the design of products. Because there is global warming problem that threatens all humanity, we are all responsible for the resolution of the issue. If we want to leave a livable world for our children and the next generations, we must rearrange our lives accordingly. We should embrace this philosophy in each process; from the systems in our production to the products we produce. Our biggest goal is to continue producing more efficient and environmentally friendly way for a beautiful world that we will leave for our children.


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