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Seramiksan introduced its’ two new porcelain tile series which combines functionality, contemporary design and sustainability together. While offering powerful and timeless spaces in Marka and Trio series, it creates a contemporary look in Harmony series with the prominent grey natural stone and warm toned lines.

Being in service since 1990 with floor and wall tiles, granite, vitrified products and building chemicals, Seramiksan introduced its’ new porcelain tile series Harmony and Trio in the past few days, which are designed with distinctive lines and colors. Functionality, contemporary design and sustainability elements are combined together in these series where the big sized tiles make the living spaces of users functional and besides create a design integrity both in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Produced with the latest technology, timeless and elegant looks are carried into the spaces in the Trio series. The tiles are enriched with Pietra Grigia from the Alps, Pietra Grey from Verona and colorful stones from the south of Spain and met with an aesthetical perspective. By bringing 3 characteristic stone textures together in these series, Seramiksan offers powerful and timeless spaces to the home owners and allows them to create a design integrity on surfaces with the distinctive colors and motifs used. The tiles with prominent grey and white colors, bring ease of use to the users with their big sizes of 60x120 centimeters and make their living spaces comfortable.

Seramiksan turns indoor and outdoor spaces into functional and aesthetical areas, and its’ Harmony series is also drawing attention with its’ gray marble main theme and contemporary look. Using light and dark grey colors, the series makes it possible to achieve a luxurious look with gold colored streaks. While the 60x120 centimeters sizes of the Harmony series is also bringing an integral design approach to the areas, both series open a door to creating sustainable spaces with their eco-friendly qualities.


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