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150 people including managers, chiefs, engineers and technicians working in the sector attended the training held at Eskisehir Technical University on February 3-21.

The training has been given by distinguished lecturers from Eskisehir Technical University, Materials Science and Engineering Department, Environmental Engineering Department, Industrial Engineering Department and Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, ceramists who have retired after working long time in the sector or ceramists who have been working actively and SAM employees. University lecturers and connoisseurs of ceramic have shared their life experiences with participants as well as theoretical and practical knowledge.

3 Weeks Training

The training with the title Ceramic Coating Materials and Ceramic Sanitary Ware has been organized in two modules. Each module has lasted 40 hours. Both modules have been repeated for three weeks for new participants. Course titles for basic theoretical and practical lessons in ceramic production, characterization and development were determined by TSF and SAM. Starting with the raw material and grinding preparation process, the program has continued with shaping, drying, glazing, firing stages and end product features. Then the necessary characterization modules have been delivered to control production and the product features under control in production process.

Microscopic characterization techniques, non-microscopic techniques and characterization techniques including the applications of these techniques on devices in laboratories have been supported with case studies enabling participants to interpret the related content. Trainings on “Phase Diagrams”, “Mechanical Properties of Ceramics” have been delivered to make participants recognize materials better and to establish structurefeature relationship in materials. The said topics are very important in ceramic material and they are referred frequently in formula studies. In addition, “Industry 4.0”, “Nanotechnological and Functional Features”, “Material Industry and Environment”, “Digital Decoration”, “Statistical Process Control” and “Financial Literacy” have been included in the training program to raise awareness in today’s world which global and technological studies lately increased based on Industry 4.0.


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