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Making contribution to several projects to this date for the development of architecture culture in Turkey, Kalebodur is the sponsor of AURA Istanbul this time. Architectures and city planners working for the project "Mapping Marmara Region", made a field tour in Canakkale by the host of Kalebodur.

The innovational independent research institute AURA Istanbul, in collaboration with Marmara Municipalities Union and as part of MARUF (Marmara Urban Forum), continues its surveys for the existing spatial structure and relations concerning the Marmara Sea and its surroundings. For the project "Mapping Marmara Region" put into practice in this sense, the research team involving architects, city planners and landscape architects made a field tour in Canakkale which they chose as the theme.

With the purpose to explore the cultural, ecologic and historical layers of Cana kale which have a very special place in Turkey's history, the research tour is made between 17th-20th August by the host of Kalebodur.

The research team involving architects, city planner and landscape architects, also visited Kaleseramik's manufacturing plants in Can which is an important stop of field studies. Participants kept a close watch on the ceramic manufacturing process which is an important part of Canakkale's cultural identity and witnessed ceramic's journey starting from soil and reaching out to products that bring meaning to living spaces.

Having an interesting experience with Kalebodur which supports studies intended for the development of architecture culture in Turkey, the participants also visited Canakkale Seramik, Kalesinterflex Showrooms and Kale Granite Slab factory and get information on products and manufacturing processes.

AURA Istanbul completed its workshop studies with the Canakkale tour made by the sponsorship of Kalebodur. All outcomes of workshop and field studies made under the project are explained in the international MARUF (Marmara Urban Forum) event organized in Istanbul Congress Center between 4th-6th October 2023.


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