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Founded on a 40 decars field in Bodrum Yakakoy, Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village has opened its' doors under control with due regard to pandemic conditions in 2021 season. Burcu Ozturk Karabey's Traces From Time ceramics exhibition has met the audience in 5th-24th June in Dibeklihan-Ismail Hakki Tonguc Art Gallery.

Burcu Ozturk Karabey, in her works in this exhibition, has brought forth the residue of the days we get tired off by uncertainty, isolation, alienation while we're making our ways through hesitant and uncertain times of the pandemic. The artist has projected the moments of life, scars in the souls and the things she filtered from her life, through the cultural layers of Anatolia with thousands of years of history.

Traces From Time exhibition was indicating our individual self-journeys with a transition between times. With the sailor's knots reflecting our individual and collective knots symbolically, she has invited us to think over and remember all that we forget about nature and life. The tense atmosphere between life and death has cracked the door open to scrutinizings on "freedom".

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