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The International Macsabal Silk Road Symposium organized for 13 years by Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Ceramics and Glass, is oriented at the Ancient City of Gordion this year. Artists participating in the symposium, set up their works on Gordion and Phrygian cultures that are taken into the UNESCO World Heritage Actual List.


Carried out continuously for 13 years by Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Ceramics and Glass, the International Macsabal Silk Road Symposium's theme for this year is designated as the "Ancient City of Gordion" that is taken into the UNESCO World Heritage Actual List.

Artists participating in the symposium brought out their works pursuant to this theme with their students' assistantship. Artists from various countries around the world, combined their cultures with and created arts of work on Phrygian culture. And the exhibition comprising of the arts of work the artists brought with them, is opened in the Korean Culture Center. In addition, there's a new exhibition planned for the future together with the Faculty of Fine Arts Dean Prof. Dr. Sule Atilgan as part of the introduction of Gordion.

As parts of this theme, tours are organized to the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, the King Midas exhibition in this museum and the Ancient City of Gordion. Polatli Municipality's Cultural Affairs Coordinator Kadim Koc introduced the Ancient City of Gordion, the Midas Tumulus, the Polatli Private History Museum and the Duatepe Monument to Turkish and foreign artists.

The Phrygian containers made in these lands of cradle of Anatolian culture and civilization, are among the most important examples of ceramic material. There are geometric patterns primed in black on the aesthetical forms created with clay covering the space. Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Ceramics and Glass Lecturer and the creater of this symposium Kim Yong Moon remarked that he has visited several museums in the country and that there are big similarities between the pots in Turkey and the pots in Korea.

15 artists in total participated in the symposium from; South Korea, Ukraine, England, Peru, Singapore and Turkey. Participating artists were; Candan Terwiel, David Jones, Deniz Onur Erman, Eunjoo Kim, Ezgi Hakan, Huseyin Ozcelik, Kaan Canduran, Kim Yongmoon, Mutlu Baskaya, Nadire Sule Atilgan, Sonia Cespedes Rossel, Tan Teck Heng Alvin, Viacheslav Pasynok, Yuriy Musatov and Yalcin Gokcebag.

Our event continues to be organized for 13 years thanks to Hacettepe University's hosting and Korean Cultural Center's support, but we also would like to express our thanks to Polatli Municipality, Dear Naz Balkan, the Refsan company, the Graser company for their particular contribution this year and to all the artists, students, academicians and lecturers of the Department of Ceramics and Glass participating in the symposium.

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