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SeramikJournal of Turkish Ceramics Society published by Turkish Ceramics Society, is intended to fill the gap in the scientific and technical area of ceramics by publishing articles on such topics.

Published by Turkish Ceramics Society and containing only the articles of scientific content and technical area, “SeramikJournal of Turkish Ceramics Society” has begun its’ publication life in March. The journal’s ownership is undertaken by Prof. Dr. Alpagut Kara on behalf of TCS and its’ Chief Editorship is made by Prof. Dr. Taner Kavas. Its’ field editors are Prof. Dr. H. Ozkan Toplan, Prof. Dr. Sedat Alkoy ve Prof. Dr. Servet Turan.

The Chief Editor of SeramikJournal of Turkish Ceramics Society and Afyon Kocatepe University Engineering Faculty Materials Science and Engineering Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Taner Kavas is explaning their goal to start the journal in sum as follows: “Turkish Ceramics Society is successfully publishing the “Seramik Türkiye” journal as a periodical publication for many years. As an addition to this journal that features news from the sector, discussions, works of our ceramic artists as well as scientific articles, our society has been mentioning for so long about the need of a peer-reviewed technical journal where only articles of scientific content and technical area of ceramics are published. In order to fulfill this goal as TSS we started to publish “SeramikJournal of Turkish Ceramics Society

There are Turkish and English articles in the journal which will be published as 4 issues a year. The journal is free and available for all users and no publication charges are requested for the articles.  Prof.  Dr. Kavas is stating out that in order for the article review processes to be performed open and fast, an online article review and follow-up system is taken into operation as of by March 2020: “Articles are reviewed with blind-review process. In this process, authors will not be informed on the names of the peers reviewing the texts. Peers also will not see the names of the authors in the decision-making step of the review. Studies are being reviewed by at least two peers. Authors who wish to send their genuine articles, can do it online via our journal’s page ( and follow-up the process through the mail address ( Publishings compiled from post-graduate theses or genuine and never-published before research articles made as substudies of these theses, are particularly being accepted. We’re waiting for contributions to our journal both as a peer and an author.”


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