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The Artist Support Program implemented by Bocchi supports the productions of three young ceramic artists in its first year. The project, which is a guest artist program of Bocchi Ceramic Art Academy in Tomtom, Beyoglu, aims to reach more people by expanding to other provinces and abroad in the coming years.

Offering innovative solutions in the fields of ceramic bathroom and kitchen products, Bocchi launched the Artist Support Program to keep and introduce to new generations the art of ceramics, which is as old as the history of civilization. Within the scope of the program designed to support ceramic artists who have just graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts or are continuing their postgraduate education and who have limited opportunities in terms of workshops and equipment, the needs of young talents such as mentoring service and use of space and materials will be met.

Berk Ergül Evin Kaçar Burak Elal

The Artist Support Program for young ceramic artists living in Istanbul is hosted by Bocchi Ceramic Art Academy, located in Tomtom, Beyoglu's neighborhood identified with design. In the first year of applications, three young artists graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University; Berk Ergul, Burak Elal and Evin Kacar were eligible to participate in the program.

Within the scope of the two-day orientation, Artist Support Program participants visited Bocchi's facilities in Gebze Dilovasi and Bocchi Ceramic Art Academy and had the opportunity to get to know the ceramics industry and the contemporary works of art produced within the Academy. Additionally, throughout the program; they will be able to participate in the conversations and workshops that will take place at the Academy with the participation of art historians, curators and interdisciplinary artists. In this process, it is planned that the works produced by young artists will be presented to the art environment and the public in a group exhibition and the selected works will be included in the Bocchi collection.

“An important production and research opportunity for young artists”

“As a 73-year-old Italian bathroom brand, embracing the art of ceramics and passing it on to new generations is among our most important missions" said Bocchi Chairman of the Board Sadi Burat, expressing the importance of the program as follows:

"While we are implementing the Bocchi Ceramic Art Academy one of our important goals was to reach young ceramic artists who have limited opportunities in workshops and equipment. The participants selected for this program consist of promising young ceramic artists who do not have the opportunity to develop their practices. Our aim is to offer newly graduated artists the production and research opportunities they need. We aim to open the Bocchi Artist Support Program, which we hope will set a sustainable example for the sector, to other provinces and abroad in the coming period.”


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