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Suspended because of the pandemic, V. International Ceramic, Glass, Enamel, Glaze and Dye Congress (SERES'21) is made in Eskisehir Technical University's 2 Eylul Campus between 13th-15th October. Congress brought those who work in science, industry and art branches of ceramic together.

Intended to bring together the academicians, artists, designers and sector representatives working inland and abroad, share their fund of knowledge and experience and enhance collaboration opportunities by this means, SERES'21 Congress is organized both face-to-face and in online environment. Opening of the congress is made with the participations of Rector Prof. Dr. Tuncay Dogeroglu, Congress Organization Board Chairman Prof. Dr. Alpagut Kara, Turkish Ceramic Association (TSD) Chairman Prof. Dr. Taner Kavas and Turkish Ceramics Federation Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors Nihat Ozyurt. TUBITAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal attended the opening online.

Congress Organization Board Chairman Prof. Dr. Alpagut Kara indicated in his opening speech that pandemic has reminded the importance of science and technology and said as follows: “As you know, we had to suspend the congress we'd be making in 2020 to 2021 with this pandemic taking hold of whole world and causing our life habits to change. These times have reminded us again the importance of science and technology and shown us how vitally important it is to raise knowledge by sharing it. As in the past, our congress involves subjects on both science and technology and industrial ceramic sector. When we look at the scientific program mainly electro ceramics and glass are standing out. The content of our congress is going on a parallel course with the congresses made by European Ceramics Association and we're following the agenda. I thank for all the support of our federation and academicians. With our student friends we would not be able to do it so I thank all of them and all the sponsors and our university that gives their support.”

Spoke in the opening, TSD Chairman Prof. Dr. Taner Kavas said “This is an important international event of Turkish Ceramics Association. We make these kind of organizations definitely with a stakeholder as an association. As a first, this time we're making it together with Eskisehir Technical University. And it became quite powerful so we're all happy that it's here" and thanked everyone contributed, supporting sponsors and participants.

Agenda is Green Deal

Attended the congress opening online, TUBITAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal remarked that ceramic sector is the trigger of many sectors in Turkey and continued his words as follows: “A particular amount of what I try to do in TUBITAK is the outcome of the activities we made in ceramic sector together with you especially under the roof of the association.

Today's agenda for the world, for Turkey and for the sector is the green transformation. With a lot of threats on the negative side, we have a sector that knows how to achieve it on the other side. Because this sector is also experienced in the past and knows how to overcome this kind of difficulty. It's a sector that's competent to make this in R&D basis and work in collaboration. Even though the congress has begun in a small scale, it turned into a congress that involves all elements of the ceramic sector. I tried to create a map from the keywords of the headlines and presented articles in the meeting. When looked at it, if our association put the starting points of these aspects where we can talk about green transformation, into effect fast, then we can show the motto 'we're in' as an example not only for Turkey but also for Europe.”

TSF Deputy Chairman Nihat Ozyurt gave information on ceramic sector.

Nihat Ozyurt said “SERES is now became a school and ecole in our sector. It's especially very important for us that lacks and setbacks we determined within the sector are turning into an on-the-job training in SERES platform.”

Doing the honors for the congress, Eskisehir Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Tuncay Dogeroglu emphasized that the most important aspect of SERES is particularly embracing science, technology and art and referred to the significance of it being organized in Eskisehir: “Living in Eskisehir is a great chance for us. It's a city with three state universities complementing each other, embracing historical richnesses, natural beauties, culture and art and having an important role in ceramic sector. I see it as an important area together with the whole region including Bilecik, Bozuyuk, Kutahya and Afyon.” Prof. Dr. Dogeroglu stated that this year's theme of the congress is in prominence as the green deal or the green transformation and said “This is important not only for ceramic sector but for all organizations and institutions. A topic at matter for long years but began to be spoken out louder with the pandemic. Because disasters felt not only in our country but all over the world with the climate change, have made us see and understand this fact of change and transformation more clearly.”

Big names of their field invited

Big names both in science and in art took part as opening and guest speakers in Seres'21 congress. Opening speeches of ceramic artist Prof. Beril Anilanmert, Dr. Hudai Kara and Prof. Dr. Rattikorn Yimnirun from the Vidyasirimedhi Science and Technology Institute in Thailand (VISTEC) are watched with interest. Beril Anilanmert mentioned about the art wing events' theme "Revival" subject in the congress. She talked about the healing and transforming effect of art in social traumas such as in the pandemic. She said that these kind of traumas are being projected to artistic productions in two different ways as nostalgia or questioning the past and tending to new technologies. Hudai Kara gave detailed information on Green Deal which will be shaping the next 30 years. And Prof. Yimnirun made a speech about Synchrotron X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy (SXAS).

Panel and workshops drew interest

within the three-days long congress, various panels and workshops are organized. In the panel titled "Turkey Ceramic Raw Material Sector and Current Problems", raw material sector's problems are discussed in detail. In the panel organized under the moderatorship of Kaleseramik R&D Director Kagan Kayaci, Abidin Kayi (Matel), Timucin Bulbul (Esan), Can Genc (ITU) and Murat Halil Durceylan (MAPEG) took part as speakers.

Workshops tilted “Ceramic final Product Tests and Latest Developments in Standards, Mazaud Abrasion Method, Durability Test for Thick Tiles", Innovations in Digital Printing Technologies and Design in Industrial Productions", Basic XRD Training and Latest Developments in XRD Technology", Rietveld Practices in Ceramic Process", "Dust Flow Test with FT4 Dust Rheometer" drew great interest.


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