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Seramiksan’s new series Tropical brings forest therapy to homes for those who are burdened with the stress of modern urban life by evoking the sounds of the forest, the unique scents of the trees, the leaves of the trees through which sunlight filters through.

Large-leaved houseplants and vines, which we saw in the 90s, have become indispensable for modern homes in the last few years. Tropical style, which is one of the popular decoration trends of the last period, blends the jungle atmosphere with the modern decor concept.

The new Tropical series designed by Seramiksan in accordance with the tropical decoration trend, which will bring nature into homes; inspired by nature, it adds a fresh, lively atmosphere and a never-fading greenery to spaces with its tropical large leaves and palm pattern. Combining a feeling of comfort and warmth with a touch of exoticism and jungle, the series has product patterns that do not follow each other and differ from each other. Tropical series with dimensions of 60x120 cm will be the choice of those who want to bring the spirit of time to their homes. Produced as full lappato to provide the smoothest, brightest surface, the series brings to mind the first days of spring when green colors are revived, renewed and revived.


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