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Hitit Seramik has added a new tile series to its innovative designs. He produced a new tile series with 19.7x19.7 cm dimensions with retro inspirations.

Amalfi, Positano and Como, prepared with the porcelain technique, were designed by the Hitit Ceramic design team for the 2019-2020 season. The new tile design series takes its colors from nature. Hitit Seramik’s new tile series adds both vitality and timeless elegance to the environment. The new tile series of Hitit Seramik has the quality of being suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The new series also makes a difference with its fineness. In the new tile series design of Hitit Seramik, the thickness is only 1 centimeter.

It produces the most sizes and varieties of coating materials

With its Uşak factory, Hitit Seramik is one of the rare production facilities in the world that can produce the most size and variety of coating materials in a production facility.

Hitit Seramik which always aiming to produce the newest and the best by presenting, prioritizes determining user needs correctly, introducing innovative and creative approaches to respond to these constantly changing needs, and creating a structure that competes with itself.

Hitit Seramik makes absolutely no compromises from high quality raw material, production process and product oriented perspective.


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