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Kalesinterflex, the inspiring brand of modern architecture, introduced its new series Calacatta Viola, combining noble tones with elegance. Calacatta Viola Series, produced from Kalesinterflex porcelain plate that is integrated into the surfaces of tables, bathrooms and kitchen countertops, creates a remarkable ambience in living spaces.

Calacatta Viola Series, with the timeless beauty of marble, inspires Kalesinterflex porcelain plates, which are the work of high technology. Calacatta Viola, with dimensions of 160x320 cm and a new thickness of 12 mm, is offered in glossy and soft matte options.

Equipped with scratch-proof, durable and hygienic surfaces, T-One Porcelain Kitchen Countertop is also designed with Kalesinterflex porcelain plates. Ceramics, which make a difference in architecture with their superior features, add an innovative perspective to kitchens with T-One.

T-One Porcelain Countertop, which has started to take its place in new generation kitchens; it was designed to increase kitchen pleasure with its durable structure, hygienic surface and aesthetic appearance. With its unique surface, it can be chopped on any food you want without worrying about scratching. Cookware taken from the oven or stove can be easily placed on the new generation porcelain countertop, which can be cleaned effortlessly. Additionally, it can be easily cleaned with the desired household cleaning products.


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