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With its’ 2019 Cersaie stand design convoking excellence and durability within infinity helix, Kaleseramik was deemed worthy of “RedDot Award: Brands&Communication Design 2020” award in RedDot Design Awards which’s regarded as one of the most important competitions of the design world.

Bringing its’ integrative designs that inspires living spaces, also to their stand design, Kaleseramik, with its’ stand designed by architect Paolo Cesaretti, has received the “RedDot Award: Brands&Communication Design 2020” award in Cersaie Fair which’s regarded as the most important meeting point of the industry in the world.

Kaleseramik Marketing Director Zeliha Ozay Yurdatap says that they wanted visitors to live a different and memorable experience with this stand design that pushes the limits of today’s digital world as against the general sense that sees ceramic tiles only as a solid building material.

Telling the design journey of the stand, Yurdatap says“In the design we wanted to see ‘uniqueness’, ‘craftsmanship’ and ‘excellent experience’ which are our main characteristics. These three words have evolved as minimal geometric shapes, evoking of excellence and durability. While two circle sinter wining each other represent the Turkish and Italian cultural relations of Kale the infinity symbolarising from this combination have inspired the design of the stand. With the interior planning made in five areas dedicated to different brands of Kaleseramik, we have presented our innovational products, their potential and features in spaces that were interacting with each other.”

They made use of Kalesinterflex’s strength

Turkey’s biggest bright porcelain ceramic, Kalesinterflex was used on the whole exterior siding of the fair stand. Again making use of the alternative areas of use of Kalesinterflex, this product was also used for an integral interior design in all areas consisting of kitchen, living room and bathroom. As for the section at the heart of the exhibition area, it brings together Kale and its’ visitors. Yurdatap tells about the characteristics of this area as follows: “In this digital area which brings the stories of uniqueness, craftsmanship, experience and well-being to the visitors through projection on four frames made of Kalebodur products, we added a slightly animated narrative element consisting of short ironic and poetic stories based on Kale’s environmental, public space and house life values. Panels have come to life with the touch of the visitors and they have lived their first digital interactive experiences with ceramic tiles. Making use of the Mix/Match philosophy that creates a warm the effect especially in interior design, we preferred the use of various tile collections of Kalebodur on wall compositions. With the theatricaluse of light in design and by the help of conjoined primary colors and geometric shapes, whole stand area was characterized with a metaphysical atmosphere. While vertical and horizontal surfaces were being designed as contemporary interiors, decorative frames has evoked the sense of house and office as well as completing walls and floors.”


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