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İznik Tile and Ceramics Symposium, organized within the scope of the UNESCO World Heritage Candidate Preparation Studies postponed due to the pandemic.

The new date of the symposium which is normally planned to be held on 9-11 April, has not been announced yet. The delivery of the works and the second evaluation postponed to a later date. The updated exhibition calendar will be announced to all participants in the coming days.

Ceramic and tiles have an important place in İznik, which carries the traces of many cultures from Rome to the Ottoman Empire and is included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

In this symposium, the quests of traditional and local values in tile and ceramic art in İznik to respond to modern and universal expectations will be discussed. Original designs and applications using the forms, motifs, techniques, and styles seen in traditional İznik tile and ceramics will be accepted to the jury exhibition called "İznik Tile and Ceramics from Tradition to the Future".


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