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Offering all of its’ vitrified products with hygiene providing guarantee for the whole life cycle, Kale is bringing the Ministry of Health approved “Antibacterial Hygiene” application to its’ customers through its’ Premium Authorized Services.

“Antibacterial Hygiene” application, providing a hygiene beyond daily cleaning, is purging living spaces from virüs and bacteria. Nano Silver Ion technology eliminates the bacteria on surfaces it’s applied in long-term.

“Antibacterial Hygiene” that Kale is offering to its’ customers in Istanbuli Izmir and Ankara as of right now, can be applied in whole living spaces. Requesting cutomers can benefit this service with various package options as twin bathroom, bathroom-kitchen, bathroom-living room and bathroom-room. The application, offering an impelling disinfection with Nano Silver Ion and A+ quality hygiene standards, brings long-term antibacterail, anti-viral feature to used spaces. The technology which provides permanent hygiene up to 6 months on applied areas, does not do any harm to human health, pets and plants thanks to its’ formula that doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Before application the microorganism load of the environment is measured and the area to be applied is thoroughly cleaned. The application is made with cold fogging by ULV devices. It takes 15 minutes to apply to a 100 m2 area. After the application is done the microorganism load is remeasured and reported. It has no stain, humidity and wearing effects. It doesn’t need any wiping, plastering nor additional labor.


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