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Leader of sanitary ware technologies in European market, Geberit brings its' innovational bathroom solutions to its' visitors in showrooms. Consumers seeing the products in physical and feeling their texture and details, is positively reflecting in sales.

Along with adding wall-front solutions in bathrooms to its' product range, Geberit also sped up showroom investments and now brings its' product variety to final consumer easier than ever now. In modern showrooms where Geberit displays bathroom technologies with its' own innovative design language, Geberit experts also offers sales and after-sales support services.

Geberit Turkey General Director Ufuk Algıer stated out that showroom application has begun after wall-front solutions are introduced to the consumer in 2020 and continued “Our goal is to be able display our wall-back and wall-front products in specially designed spaces where they're introduced to the final consumer. At the export wing, Azerbaijan and Iraq showrooms affiliated to Geberit Turkey are established last year. What's next is Uzbekistan, Georgia, Cyprus and Turkmenistan. At this point, our showroom applications are getting positive feedbacks. In bathroom side, meeting up the product with the consumer in physical, being able to make their textures and details felt, their color and detail alternatives seen live in our showroom spaces, have brought along a positive performance to our retail sales. The share of our retail sales in total turnover has reached up to 45 percent. And this is positively reflecting both to the dealer side and to Geberit side as an added value.”

Detailing the areas which the showrooms are becoming distinct, Algıer continued his words: “Along with all the bathroom products of Geberit, we also display the color and design area experienced in Switzerland and brought to Turkey and an expressive language that provides a complete integrity and engagement. With this color and expressive language, consumers begin to feel and experience the difference as soon as they enter the showrooms. One of our most important goals in this aspect, is to present the main message of Geberit with the same design language and content in all of the showrooms we make application in, even though there are minor differences due to the region and dealer objectives. This way, we'll be fulfilling Geberit's adventure of meeting the final consumer, under the same service quality and standard in all of target regions.”


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