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Within the scope of the restructuring process in Kale Group, there was a change of duties in three senior management positions. Altug Akbas was appointed as Vice President of Kale Group, Timur Karaoglu was appointed as General Manager of Kaleseramik, and Murat Gonultas was appointed as General Manager of Kalekim.

Within the scope of internal appointments made within the framework of the 'Succession Principle', which envisages the preparation of senior managers for the next positions in accordance with Kale Group's Human Resources Policy, new appointments were made in the group management as well as in the senior management of Kaleseramik and Kalekim companies.

Tarik Ozcelik Altug Akbas

  Timur Karaoglu Murat Gonultas

Following the voluntary retirement of Kale Group Vice President and Holding Executive Board Member Kadri Tarik Ozcelik, who had been in important positions for 35 years, Kaleseramik General Manager Altug Akbas was appointed to this position. Within the scope of the new appointment, the position of Kaleseramik General Manager, vacated by Altug Akbas, was transferred to Kalekim General Manager Timur Karaoglu. Within the framework of the appointments made in the Kale Group, the company's Deputy General Manager in Charge of Operations, Murat Gonultas, took over the title of Kalekim General Manager, which was vacated by Timur Karaoglu.

Kale Group President and Senior Executive (CEO) Zeynep Bodur Okyay stated that the new appointments reflect Kale Group's vision and believe that they will bring dynamism to the company and said: "Kale Group, one of Turkey's leading industrial groups, will continue to lead its sectors in the new year with its pioneering companies in their fields. The appointments are an important change of flag for our group and companies. I wholeheartedly believe that our newly appointed friends will carry the flags they inherited much further with their knowledge and experience.”


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