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Elmor, the well-established brand of the sector with its E.C.A. and Serel brand products, met with visitors at the 2020 UNICERA Fair with its new generation technologies that make life easier. Elmor once again has proved its strength in R&D and innovation with the fair to be held at CNR Expo on 10-14 March 2020.

Elmor, operating in the building sector with its well-established brands of the Elginkan Group E.C.A. and Serel, met with national and international sector professionals and consumers at UNICERA Fair, one of the largest fairs in the ceramic, bathroom and kitchen sector in the world. Welcoming its visitors at its 750-m2 stand in CNR Expo on 10-14 March, Elmor took its place in 2020 UNICERA with its “Technologies that Make Life Easier” concept.

E.C.A. and Serel took part in the fair with their environmentally friendlyand sustainable products following trends. The products which ease the life of users have been developed by R&D engineers and industrial designers. While E.C.A. and Serel’s designs were on display, brand new solutions and high-tech prototypes that will contribute especially to building application professionals were presented at the fair.

E.C.A. Concept, a First in Domestic Production

E.C.A has started the production of customizable armatures for individuals and institutions with the E.C.A. Concept. The concept launch took place in 2020 UNICERA Fair. E.C.A.officials who announced the good news that they started to produce innovative armatures manufactured with a 3D printer before the fair, stated that the armatures in question were designed entirely in accordance with the aesthetic and functionality quest of the user. This service provided by E.C.A. for the first time in Turkey, willmeet users soon on the market.

Bathroom Armatures Get Smarter

The new generation bathroom faucet solutions of E.C.A., E.C.A. I-SanTech which quickly adapts to the product development processes transformed by digitalization, took part in UNICERA. The products that will be on the shelves in 2021 include touch-operated mirrors, voice command armatures and control systems detecting water leak in the faucet. The technology and innovation effect on all other products of E.C.A which shaped the concept of smart technology in armature technologies, were also noticed throughout the fair. As the only brand that applies hygiene technology in its armatures and guarantees its mix faucets for 20 years, E.C.A.’s new generation armature designs and series in sink faucets also attracted attention in 2020 UNICERA Bathroom, Kitchen and Ceramic Fair.

New Technology That Eases the Life of Architects

E.C.A., which produces uniform flush mounted solutions that will ease the life of architects, became the center of attraction in 2020 UNICERA Fair with its brand new service and armature designs in different forms. The product, which was displayedas an innovation that will contribute to the applications of architects and engineers, also highlighted the functionality mission of E.C.A. Architects and engineers met useful products with the uniform type of flush mounted solution of E.C.A. Thus, they did not need to search for different solutions in a wide range of built-in products and models.

Safe Bathrooms With Thermo Safe Faucets

Thermo Safe armatures of E.C.A., which willensure especially the safety of the elderly and children at home, and minimize the risk of scalding in public areas such as hotels were also recognized at the 2020 UNICERA Bathroom, Kitchen and Ceramic Fair. The Thermo Safe faucets produced by E.C.A. for the first time in Turkey keep the water temperature at a maximum of 45 ° C. Users are protected from being exposed to hot water shocks thanks to the system that prevents temperature changes caused by sudden pressure changes. In this way, safe and comfortable use is provided particularly for the elderly, children and disabled.

Comfort Bathroom Furniture From Serel at UNICERA

Bathroom furniture collections renewed after the exhibition in 2019 UNICERA were presented to the visitors of this year’s fair. The furniture solutions as well as the trending new series that highlight thin-edged products and matt color collections were introduced at the fair.


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