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Artema’s Root faucets make it easier to save water for a sustainable future thanks to its contactless technology. The fixtures, which reduce total water use by up to 90 percent with a water consumption of 1.3 liters per minute, become an important complement to dreamed bathroom designs with their variety of forms and sizes.

Artema’s contactless faucets offer hygiene without touching. Faucets preferred in public areas, especially schools and hospitals, also reduce the risk of cross-contamination of pathogens. Artema, which brings people together with water for cleanliness and hygiene in common areas, undertakes an important task for a livable world.

Energy-saving fixtures with the European Unified Water Label certificate save water and resources and direct them to savings. Equipped with advanced sensor technology, Artema sink faucets actively contribute to water saving as they detect the presence of the user and start and stop the flow of water. Faucets with battery or electric options can be used in narrow spaces or bowl sinks.


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