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Shortages experienced in water resources are among the most important global distresses. And for this, products offering water-saving are continuing to hit the trends in 2021. Always standing by consumers with its’ environment-friendly products, E.C.A., as the first brand bringing the domestic production of photocell fixtures into practice, is focusing R&D activities on saving.

Continuing its’ studies aiming at making life easier for consumers, E.C.A. is carrying out its’ R&D activities focused on saving. The market share is increasing continually for photocell products which are taking shape with R&D studies and enables no-touch use especially in communal areas such as work places and shopping malls.

Elmor Inc. General Manager Enver Oz indicates that the year 2020 was hard by all means and said that their 2020 plannings were revised to a great extent and they’ve quickly taken actions and made new plans pursuant to daily outcomes. Remarking out that they’ve obtained the “TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate” right after the pandemic, Oz said “Housing sales have broken its’ historical record in June, July and August and there have been an environment of trust among building companies. As a result of the growth in building industry which has a big part in employment, other areas have also liven up. To look at it specific to our company, we have come across a high demand as a result of the recovery in the third quarter. Especially the demand for photocell products have increased and there have been a fast transition to this area. So we responded the innovations without slowing down the production. We had a growth by the end of 2020 even beyond the goals we estimated.”

Time spent at house results in a desire for renewal

Enver Oz cited that for there’s more time spent at houses due the effects of the pandemic, there have been a rising request to change bathroom and kitchen products with more aesthetical, hygienic and water-saving products and thus a dynamism lived in the renewal market and said that they expect for the same market to be even more dynamic in 2021. Oz continued his words as follows: “Bathroom product groups have always been the products that stand out with their details on hygiene. And pandemic conditions have increased this trend. In addition, if we consider also the shortages experienced in water resources which’s worrying us in recent years, we expect that our products which provides water-saving and automatically cut the water flow when not in use, will increase their market share in 2021. We will come into play with our photocell product groups in this area.”

Sharing his 2021 forecasts about Turkish construction materials and building sector, Enver Oz emphasized that the building sector is particularly in a rapid growth in the past years. Oz said that there have been a melt down in housing stocks with the decrease in the number of housing licenses and finished his words as follows: “The yearly housing need of Turkey is within the 600-700 band, but the number of housing licenses obtained for the last two years was nearly about 325 thousand. This shows that the housing sector is turned back to its’ normal defaults. Especially after the earthquake happened in Izmir, we once more remembered that urban transformation is an urgent need. There will be a dynamic year in building sector with urban transformation.”


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