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Involving the leading companies manufacturing efficient heating systems in Europe, European Heating Industry (EHI) has incorporated E.C.A. from Turkey as one of its’ member. Thus E.C.A. has made its’ name written among the leaders of Europe and become EHI’s first and only manufacturer from Turkey.

Incorporating the leader manufacturing companies of the sector, European Heating Industry has incorporated E.C.A. with its’ resolution dated 9th October 2020. E.C.A. which’s the leading company in manufacturing efficient heating systems such as combi boiler, water heater and heating boiler in Turkey, has become the first and only manufacturing company from Turkey that got in the organization.

Enrolled its’ place among European leaders, E.C.A. is getting ready to further widen its’ exportation market to 32 countries with this membership. E.C.A. will also benefit from EHI’s fund of technology on renewable systems and hybrid and digital solutions thereby will be able to watch EHI policies closely and guide product and production processes when required.

Banding together the market leaders of efficient heating systems and heating technologies, European Heating Industry members are developing heating solutions for every need from boilers to solar power systems, heat pumps to fuel cells, radiators to floor heating. EHI also organizes many panels, meetings, webinars and events on building technologies and future of the energy and has a part in improving the sector and strengthening the trading volume of its’ members. Offering innovations in hybrid and digital solutions for its’ members, EHI is continuing its’ studies on high efficient and renewable systems.


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