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The Graduate Student Symposium on Contemporary Interpretations of Traditional Çanakkale Ceramics will take place at the Çanakkale Ceramic Museum on 5-15 May. The symposium is coordinated byÇanakkale Municipality, Çanakkale Ceramic Museum and Çanakkale City Museum, Çanakkale Municipality and Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMÜ) and Student Ceramic and Glass Society of Health, Culture and Sports Office.

The quests to transform the traditional and local values in ceramic art into modern and universal expectations will be interpreted in the symposium to be held for the first time in Turkey.The event will also feature ceramic applications and trainings for adults and children. Based on the traditional Çanakkale ceramics that have become part of the city’s identity, ceramic forms and sculptures will be shaped with a contemporary interpretation. The works produced in the symposium will subsequently be taken to the Çanakkale Municipality collection and will be exhibited in public buildings permanently.

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