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Ceramic Solidarity Platform, which was established two years ago to support ceramic artists during forest fires affecting coastal regions, also became a balm for the wounds of the 6 February earthquake. The founder of the platform, which tries to reach not only ceramic artists but also all citizens, Prof. T. Emre Feyzoglu summarized their work.


Founder of the Ceramic Solidarity Platform

"Ceramic Solidarity Platform", which was established to support our ceramic artist friends who were affected by the disaster during the great fire that affected our Marmaris, Datça, Manavgat and Bodrum regions in 2021, making a bigger impact than expected in a short time, continued its mission in the great earthquake disaster occurred in Kahramanmaras and caused great destruction in 11 cities that left tens of thousands of people away from life by leaving great damage on February 6, 2023.

From the first day of the earthquake, the members of the platform, who have been trying to reach our colleagues who need urgent support by sharing with each other through social communication networks, have made great efforts to deliver all kinds of help. In the first place, 3000 blankets were sent with the contribution of our company, which is a large ceramic equipment manufacturer based in Kutahya, and a high amount of sanitary materials were sent with the contribution of our Ankara-based occupational safety company. A lot of support has been provided, such as purchase of 2 containers, financial support sent directly to many families, the supply of clothing materials, wheelchairs, air mattresses, sanitary materials for babies, children and women, food supplies, all kinds of living materials for earthquake survivor students and their families settled in Ankara with the efforts of our platform members.

Of course, these initiatives can be considered as a drop in the ocean in order to heal the wounds. However, the efforts of such civil solidarity initiatives are based on the idea that “unity is strenght”. Our platform has endeavored to stand by our citizens who were harmed by the earthquake with their wholehearted support. We would like to express our endless thanks to all our platform members, who are with us with the heart and hope that our country will not experience such disasters again.


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