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“Famous”, one of the collections of Bien’s bathroom wall tiles, revives the natural appearance and the subtleties on the surface of the natural stone in the space. The collectioncomprising naturalness, which is one of the primary trends of this year, in its finest details, is a powerful and attractive option for decision makers. The collection, which is produced in the size of 40X120 cm, also has different deco phones that will add movement to the bathrooms.

Having a flawless surface, this collection of Bien carries the sense of integrity in the space to the highest level with its special dimensions. Famous Collection offers high hygiene standards with its easy-toclean feature. This collection of Bien which creates unique designs using the latest technologyassists the design of dream bathrooms by using it together with different material textures.

More than 100 collections, export to 6 continents Bien which captures attention with its pioneering identity in design, is a brand that stands out with its environmentalist approach and respect for nature. Bien Seramik, which manufactures its products in its factories in Bilecik and Bozüyük, renders its services with more than 130 authorized dealers and more than 3,500 sales points in the country. Exporting 35 percent of its production to nearly 70 countries on 6 continents, Bien Seramik produces over 25 million m2 per year with its world-awarded designs and more than 100 product collections.

Bien Seramik has the precedence of being the first manufacturer of 20 mm technical porcelain tiles produced by Digital Technology in Turkey. Investing in environmentally friendly technologies in energy and water savings through in-factory recycling, Bien recycles almost 100% of the treated water at the waste water treatment plant. Bien Bathroom started its sales and marketing activities as of January 2018. It uses the latest technological innovations in its production and aims to operate with a wide range of products. The designed product range of Bien Bathrooms includes products for wet areas, ceramic sanitary ware, armatures, built-in reservoirs, bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories.


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