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The international visual arts exhibition “Antropause-Human Pausing”, an event that will be held open to all disciplines for the first time by the Turkish Ceramics Society (TCS), will be shown at the ArtContact Istanbul art fair on June 1th-5th June.

The works of 48 artists will be exhibited in the exhibition titled “Antropause- Human Pausing” to be held by the Turkish Ceramics Society (TCS) with the support of the Turkish Ceramics Federation and the contribution of HUB Design.

The curators of the exhibition are Mutlu Başkaya, Fatma Batukan Belge and İlhan Marasalı wanted to draw attention to the effect of slowing human mobility on the habitats of other living creations during the pandemic period. Curators of the exhibition, are telling why they choosed this concept:

“We as humans, created that invisible enemy whole world is fighting against, the corona virus. We created this by spreading over natural habitats, using natural resources selfishly, increasing our carbon footprint instead of decreasing it, causing the global warming. And Covid-19 pandemic caused a great transformation all over the world. It required important changes of behaviours in individual, social and economic areas. And we see that slowing down life during pandemic created an opportunity for the earth to recover itself, at least a part of itself. These times should also make us think that how can we better share our world with an ever-increasing population.

Scientists studying on wild life, have examined the great “human pausing” called the “Antropause” after the corona virus. They think that this temporary slowing in global human activites due to the Covid-19 threat, is likely to have a deep impact on other living beings. Fight against Covid may be a warning for the balance of the nature.

During the pandemic we frequently came across with the images of wild animals wandering and moving freely in urban environments. They were making use of the areas left by humans as much as possible. However, pausing of human activities have also done harm to the wild life. Such as an increase in poaching due to poverty or lack of ecotourism…

Of course, the human activity cannot stop or slow down indefinitely. But even the small changes to be made in transportation network, may have a significance for the life of other beings in nature. We can make use of these times in a positive way to learn to be able to share the planet with other living beings. Just like in Chernobyl, Covid-19 times are also causing big human and economical losses and forcing us to push the button against the damage we do to the environment. Coronavirus is not the last pandemic, if we keep on treating our planet this way, there will be others. But if we keep on going the right way,



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