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Ceramic artist Sevinc Koseoglu Ulubatli, in order to create social awareness through art, questions the freedom and the place of woman in society who's in effort of social identity seek, while mostly bringing together the audience with installations. Besides, aiming to crack the doors of new possibilities to the audience in the installations she produced using the traditional materials and methods of ceramic, the artist met with the audience with three exhibitions she opened successively.

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The exhibition named "Voice-Less-You" of Sevinc Koseoglu Ulubatli organized in Ankara Tosca Art Gallery between 06th - 16th September 2021, tried to write brand new stories and brought the richness of meaning of the life experiences of used-old objects together with ceramics (Image 1). The concept set forth by the exhibition is a call for social confrontation about future alongside the anxiety of the woman facing the despair of this situation where she is married at child age and doomed to and (Image 2).

In the other exhibition named "Nemesis" opened to visit in Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University NEVU Art Collection and Gallery between 15th September - 15th October 2021, the artists put the concept of "seed" before the nature facing the danger of extinction alongside our resources which we use like they will never deplete. Seed is the symbol of being able to maintain its' existence and it's presented to the audience with ceramic forms (Image 3).

Nemesis is a goddess in Ancient Greek mythology who symbolizes the rage against the manic behaviors of humans. While using and developing technology as it evolves, humanity have seized the power and committed crimes against nature in the end. It's expressed with the "nemesis" concept that humanity will have to confront these crimes one day. But according to the artist, nature has the remedy in itself like the 'hope' which cannot get out of Pandora's box. The works presented to the audience in the exhibition, are symbolizing destruction and devastation on one hand and emphasizing hope and that rebirth is possible on the other hand.

The last exhibition of the artist is the installation and video exhibition named "Immigration" which's broadcasted online. In the story of a journey experienced with "on the wallaby" concept while traveling various places such as Lake Tuz, Kovada National Park, Beytepe Forest, Demre Tasdibi and Shores of Suluklu for two years since 2020, what's desired to be told is a sad journey that humanity is in seek for a place to go. While the frames selected from hundreds of photos in the www.artsonlinegallery are being presented to the audience between 06th - 26th September 2021, it's desired to make the audience have instant evocations with a recent actual concept, the immigration theme.


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