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Cersaie, the world's largest ceramics fair, held for the 40th time this year, revealed the trends of 2024. Products shaped by high technology will bring nature to indoor and outdoor spaces their textures such as wood, stone and marble with hyperrealism.


Hitit Seramik A.Ş. Marketing Manager

Participating and visiting international fairs is very important. Around the world; when approached to work with the title of movement, trend or fashion - whatever you call; it is a very practical, exciting and enjoyable activity to see what the expectations and presentations are in one piece.

As we enter 2024, we are pursuing nature again with wood, stone and marble textures... The latest situation in reality with technological surface applications and printing techniques applied to tiles is the result of the harmony of human intelligence and technology.The products produced within Hitit Seramik move in parallel with these trends and offer unique designs.

While watching all these, we feel the joy that human beings will leave fewer footprints in nature, and the fact that designs inspired by nature reach greater perfection gives us another happiness of freedom.

Next to wood, travertine sections are clearly ahead. Colored slate stones and hammer-marked surfaces allow you to feel the full nature of the stone.

Last year, blue and green gained prominence as the two basic colors of nature. This year, while the same devotion continues, color preferences embrace nature more… Earth and cotto tones now appear abundantly. The transitions of colors in the prints are so successful... Eyes that see the exact replica of the real thing, far from fake, continue to move forward without noticing any contradictions.

The metallic effects that started last year are noticeable this year. Textured or flat applications have evolved reality into the fantastic. Rock sections bearing metallic sections are sometimes replaced by decorations and sparkling patterns that give the appearance of metal coating.

As we welcome 2024, our greatest wish will be that the impact of the Turkish ceramics industry on the world will grow stronger.


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