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Organized with the collaboration of the Ceramic Art, Education and Change Association (SSEDD) and the Sille Art Palace, the online "About Hope" exhibition is focusing on the nature that maintains its' own cycle despite the lout of humanity.


The Ceramic Art, Education and Change Association, together with the collaboration of the Sille Art Palace, organized an exhibition which can be viewed online between 20th January - 20th June 2022. The exhibition opening has been started with the speeches of the chairwoman of the association Prof. Zehra Cobanli and the director of the Sille Art Palace Reha Bilir. Following the opening speeches, each artist attending the exhibition has given information about their works. The opening has taken place online with the participation of the members of the board of directors, Prof. Sevim Cizer, Prof. Mustafa Agatekin, Prof. Burcu Karabey, Prof. Ayse Guler, Assoc.Prof. Ozlem Kamuran Sarnic, Assoc.Prof. Leyla Kubat, artists in the exhibition and the art lovers.

The Chairwoman of the Ceramic Art and Change Association Prof. Zehra Cobanli spoke as follows regarding the theme of the "About Hope" exhibition: “A new look to the sky that lend a hend to the hope, the air we breath, the seas that's cross with us for the human wastes, the waters we loutishly consume and the nature that always puts up a resistance in its' own cycle; we want to bring an approach that we passionately embrace evry whit of the planet. In order to remember the planet once again and respecting its' resilience by presenting a direct relation with it through art, as the association, we organized an exhibition with the attendance of 51 artists from Ceramic, Painting and Photography disciplines.”

Cobanli relayed about the founding purpose of the association and its' activities today: “Founded in 2013 for the purpose of carrying out technical, aesthetical and cultural studies for the development and progression of ceramic art on behalf of the country, support the studies being carried out and thus increasing the opportunities of artistic and scientific changes in national and international area, the Ceramic Art, Education and Change Association is continuing to conduct events towards its' goals since the day it is founded. Having conducted conferences, congresses, symposiums, seminars, panels, competitions and workshops studies in ceramic art and education field until 2020, our association, in collaboration with the Sille Art Palace, is continuing its' activities with online national and international exhibitions with the awareness of Covid-19 pandemic.”

In the "About Hope" exhibition that has attendance from 51 artists, Ali Cihan Kayalioglu, Aygun Dincer Kirca, Ayse Canpolat, Ayse Guler, Aysun Colbayir Diniz, Beril Anilanmert, Betul Aytepe, Betul Demir Karakaya, Burcu Karabey, Ceren Cengiz, Ece Kaniskan, Elif Agatekin, Elif Gunduz, Elcin Telli Ates, Emel Mulayim, Emre Can, Ersoy Yilmaz, Ezgi Hakan, Gungor Guner, Habib Aydogdu, Harun Antakyali, Hasan Baskirkan, Kadir Erturk, Kamuran Ozlem Sarnic, Leyla Kubat, M. Candan Gungor, Melahat Ozturk, Mustafa Agatekin, Mustafa Ural, Mujde Gokbel, Nese Ari, Nilufer Nazende Ozkanli, Nihat Kemankasli, Nurtac Cakar, Ozlem Gun Bingol, Ozlem Ozer Tugal, Ozgur Secmen, Perihan San Arslan, Pinar Baklan, Pinar Caliskan Gunes, Reha Bilir, Ridvan Coskun, Senem Ensari, Sevim Cizer, Sadiye Yilmaz Bilir, Sirin Kocak, Umit Gezgin, Vedat Kacar, Zafer Gencaydin, Zehra Cobanli have taken place with their works.

The exhibition can be viewed until 20th June 2022 from

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